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How to Identify Good Quality Wood Furniture?

If constructing a home is tough, then furnishing it with the right wood furniture pieces and décor items is even harder. Every person puts in a lot of love and thoughtfulness before they carefully pick and place it in any area in their house that then emphasizes the aesthetic beauty of their home.

However, there are some fittings like beds, dining tables, cabinets, couches, etc. that are usually bought, keeping in mind its longevity and durability. These pieces of furniture remain constant and are even sometimes passed from one generation to the other. In fact, they are replaced when that is the only option left. All these fixtures have one thing in common, and that is, these are mainly made of wood. Furniture artisans have used this substance for making both exquisite and everyday pieces for thousands of years, primarily because it is long-lasting, can be customized, is easier to maintain, and most essentially improve with age.

So, if you too are on an exploration of renovating your home, here are 7 ways to identify good quality wood furniture–

Know your wood

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When buying wooden furniture, the first thing to remember is that all woods are not the same; in fact, they are available in a dozen varieties and differ in appearance. It is also essential to know the basic properties of each and if it will complement your existing fittings.

To make things simpler, the three broad categories of wood are- solid wood, veneers, and particle board or composite wood.

• Solid wood is a natural form of wood that is obtained directly from trees. This type is not engineered and hence, is one of the most robust versions of timber used to make a sofa, bed, etc. As it is the sturdiest variant and can last years, it is also the most expensive. Handmade wooden furniture made of this wood adds elegance and character to the room and thus, this wood is undoubtedly a value for money purchase. But, this type is also susceptible to scratches and watermarks.

• Veneers, on the other hand, are an engineered wood covered by several thin layers of better-quality wood. This type is relatively less costly and is used for both sophisticated and budget pieces.

• Particle board and composite wood pieces are however made from scraps of wood, i.e. a combination of wood pulp, plastics, and resin. Hence, it is the cheapest variety of timber, and thus, it won’t last for decades. It is also highly resistant to absorbing moisture and is temperature-sensitive.


If you are looking for custom furniture in India that will spruce your home, then the best place to determine its quality of construction would be the joints. If screws, interlocking sides, finger or dovetail joints are used to hold everything together, then the wood furniture is certainly high-quality. But, if these points are held by nails, glue, or staples, then the furniture may not be that durable.

To check the quality of tables and chairs, make sure the legs are reinforced with triangular or diagonal blocks of wood. This technique is used to keep the joints intact and also give stability to the furniture when moved or when pressure is applied to it.

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Material used throughout

One essential aspect to examine when purchasing wood furniture is to look at the underside of the piece. Ascertain if the same wood is used everywhere. For instance, in solid wood fitting, the lumber will look the same or almost similar in both visible and hidden parts. Also, if you see unfinished wood underneath, then it is natural wood. In the case of veneered wood, there will be a large panel of repeated grain patterns. Another secret identifier is the scent; a freshly machined timber has a very identifiable odor.

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To check real solid wood from the manufactured one, review the uniformity of the piece. The veneer wood will have a uniform look. They are a combination of different woods, whereas solid hardwood will have imperfections. The smooth shine on the former may seem tempting. But don’t forget the material is man-made and the sleekness is after fabrication.


This is straightforward to find out the quality of furniture as weight indicates quality. Fixtures made of solid wood will generally be denser and thus, heavier than any medium density fiberboard fitting. So, a fixture made of mahogany will be better than that made of pine wood.

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Study the drawers and cabinets

To know the quality of wood furniture, do a physical inspection of the drawer and cabinets and be mindful of any resistance or wobbling. If the joints are stuck together, then there is a problem with the manufacturing, and hence, you should stay away from buying. Similarly, for the cabinet door, test by opening the door and see if it remains in its appropriate position. Also, review if the knobs and handles are fit tightly on the drawers and cabinets.

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The Finish

This one is an essential aspect of wood furniture. A high-quality piece of fitting will be smooth from sanding. Thus, have no rough patches when you run your hand over it. It will also have the natural beauty of the wood without any dark spots. Because of the staining process, which will further add color and character to it. Thus, buy a finish that is satiny smooth, and free from rough spots, dust specks, or bubbles. Also, look for depth and richness in the finish, both on the top and underneath the furniture.

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Thus, by knowing the tricks of identifying the right wood for your furniture. You can be sure of buying something that is sturdy and long-lasting. So, flaunt your knowledge and get the apt piece for yourself.